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How can I tell if I have a tooth cavity?

Patient looking in hand mirror at dentist near me Lakeland FLIf you have a cavity, you may not notice because it can appear anywhere on the teeth. For example, you may have a cavity between your teeth or way at the back.

In cases where you do spot a tooth cavity, it may appear as a tiny hole in the tooth or a brown spot. However, a brown spot can also be a tooth stain.

If the cavity is advanced, you may also have tooth sensitivity or tooth pain.

To properly diagnose and treat dental cavities, it’s essential to visit our dentists in Lakeland, FL. Your dentist can find a cavity during your routine exam, and our digital x-rays can detect small areas of decay between teeth.

If you’re prone to cavities, ask our dentist about dental sealants to help protect your teeth against decay. You should also be brushing and flossing regularly and visiting our dental office every six months for checkups and teeth cleanings.

When it comes to lowering your risks for most oral health conditions, prevention is your best defense.

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