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How often should I schedule dental exams and cleanings?

Family of three smiling l Dentist Near MeIf you want to protect your smile and make sure it’s as healthy as possible, you need to schedule visits for preventive dental exams and cleanings. The general rule of thumb is to schedule these dental appointments every six months, which works well for many people, but not everyone.

Patients who are dealing with gum disease or other ongoing dental conditions may need to see our Lakeland, FL dentists three or four times a year. Advanced gum disease will require periodontal procedures, and the results need to be monitored over several months to keep it under control.

What to Expect at a Regular Dental Cleaning in Lakeland, FL

In general, though, preventive exams and cleanings are the easiest, most affordable ways to stay a step ahead of damaging conditions that threaten your oral health. During these appointments, your dentist or hygienist will evaluate your overall oral health and look for signs of problems that can develop without your knowledge. When you combine these preventive visits with conscientious oral hygiene efforts at home, you have the perfect recipe for a healthy, problem-free smile.

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If you’re overdue for a checkup or aren’t sure how frequently you should schedule your visits, please call Quality Dental Care of Lakeland to arrange an appointment. You will meet with Dr. Smith or Dr. Zaman who will evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and recommend a schedule personalized for your needs.

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