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Can gum disease be cured?

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, results from a progressive infection in the tissues surrounding your teeth, enclosing and protecting your tooth roots. The same bacteria which cause tooth decay are behind gum disease, and if you seek treatment early, the team at Quality Dental Care of Lakeland can cure your gum disease.

Then, if you stay true to a comprehensive oral hygiene routine, with at-home care and routine dental visits, you can remain gum disease-free for life.

Gum Disease Treatment Lakeland, FL

Gingivitis is the early form of gum disease and is characterized by a few minor symptoms, which are:

  • Slightly reddened gums, rather than the healthy pink
  • Gums bleed when you floss
  • Minor gum recession

At this stage, your condition is largely reversible, and treating it with a thorough professional dental cleaning is usually sufficient. We also will offer advice on your brushing and flossing routine and schedule a follow-up to ensure your gum disease doesn't recur.

Periodontal disease in its advanced stage is called periodontitis. We can perform a deep cleaning at this point, but your gums will remain affected. We will want to see you immediately as treatment is necessary to prevent irreversible consequences, including:

  • Inflamed and very sensitive gums
  • Severe gum recession
  • Bone loss that results in tooth loss

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