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Can dentures work with dental implants?

Dentures are a tooth replacement option with a long history. Available in both full and partial versions, the conventional version of this appliance rests on your gums and stays in place via suction and sometimes denture adhesives. But a significant improvement in modern dentures is that they can work with dental implants for superior fit and security.

If you like the advantages of dentures to replace missing teeth but have problems with securing them, then implant-supported dentures may be a reliable solution. This option is removable but attaches to dental implants placed into your jawbone.

Denture implants in Lakeland, FL, look natural, work well, and promote oral health from your mouth to your gums and even into your bones.

How Implant-Supported Dentures Work

The process begins with careful digital planning to determine the best sites to locate specialized dental implants designed to support dentures. Then, your implant dentist in Lakeland, FL surgically places a titanium post into your jawbone. During the healing period after surgery, your jawbone grows over the implant post, fusing with it for added strength.

After you’re fully healed, your dentist attaches the abutment, which is the special connector. Finally, we add your denture itself, clicking it into your abutment. This allows you to easily remove your denture for thorough maintenance.

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