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How does the dentist pull a tooth?

Your dentist in Lakeland, FL, will only pull a tooth when it is too damaged to be saved or as part of specific orthodontic treatments or implant-supported dentures. It is a common dental procedure that Dr. Vernon Smith and Dr. Mohammad Zaman have performed many times, and they will prioritize your comfort during the tooth extraction.

The Steps in a Tooth Extraction

Before recommending any significant dental treatment, the team at Quality Dental Care of Lakeland will take x-rays, and your dentist will perform a complete examination. You can rest assured that we will address any questions or concerns before pulling a tooth, including how you should follow up with a tooth replacement.

If you need support and encouragement before, during, and after the extraction, a member of our team will care for your needs. In addition to a local anesthetic to numb your mouth, we offer a sedative to lessen your stress and anxiety and help with pain management.

Following your tooth extraction, we will provide tips for encouraging healing and caring for your teeth from now on. Additionally, we will help you understand that any pulled tooth should be replaced to maintain optimal oral health. Replacement options include a dental bridge or dental implants.

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