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Are porcelain veneers reversible?

Dr. Vernon Smith and Dr. Mohammad Zaman, offer high-quality cosmetic dental services, including porcelain veneers in Lakeland, FL. One of the appeals of veneers is that they are designed to seamlessly fit over the front surfaces of your natural teeth.

Diagram of porcelain veneers in Lakeland FLPorcelain veneers can correct the following:

  • Breaks, chips, and fractures
  • Spacing issues and gaps
  • The size and shape of teeth
  • Discoloration and stains
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Alignment problems

Are Veneers Removable or Reversible?

Many people may wonder if porcelain veneers are permanent or reversible, and the short answer is no. Porcelain veneers are removable, but they are not reversible. This means you cannot have veneers then decide to remove them permanently unless you have another restorative or cosmetic plan in place. 

While preparing your teeth for dental veneers, your dentist removes the enamel to ensure they fit perfectly over the tooth. Once the enamel is removed, the enamel cannot be restored, and it never grows back.

So, when the veneers are removed, they must be replaced with a different set of veneers or another type of restoration. Your tooth’s enamel and the inner layer of dentin must remain protected and covered to prevent decay, damage, and sensitivity.

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