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Are dental extractions painful?

While any surgery has its pros and cons, patients do nwoman with curly hair smiling l tooth extractions lakeland flot have to worry about pain during the procedure. At Quality Dental Care of Lakeland, we administer local anesthesia before the procedure to eliminate any pain.

After the dental procedure, we will recommend over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription pain medication to relieve any pain. 

Managing Pain During the Procedure at Quality Dental Care of Lakeland

Each patient has their own comfort levels, and we work hard to provide the level of care they need. We may use one or more types of anesthesia, depending on patient needs. 

  • Local anesthesia: We apply a numbing anesthetic to your gums near the extraction site. Patients typically feel some pressure and movement but no pain or discomfort.
  • Nitrous oxide (laughing gas): Provides minimal sedation to help patients relax throughout the procedure
  • Oral sedation: We may have patients take a sedative pill an hour before the procedure for more sedation

These options keep patients awake but relaxed. 

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction in Lakeland, FL

While our teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, there are always situations when a tooth may need to be extracted. Commonly, we recommend dental extractions if a tooth is badly damaged, either from injury or tooth decay. 

Other reasons include:

  • Overly crowded jaw: Dental extractions are common before orthodontic treatment
  • Infection: If the infection enters the tooth, we can correct it with root canal therapy. If this is not an option, we will extract the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading
  • Gum disease: Periodontal disease infects the tissues, gum, and bones that surround teeth. Without treatment, gum disease can lead to tooth loss

We Offer Gentle Dental Extractions in Lakeland, FL

Patients don't need to worry about painful dental procedures with our dentist in North Lakeland, FL. We work hard to make all our dental treatments as cozy and pain-free as possible!

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