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Modern Dentures from a Dentist Near Me

October 29, 2020
Posted By: Quality Dental Care
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At Quality Dental Care, we understand how devastating tooth loss can be. We know that it can make smiling and laughing with confidence difficult. It can dictate your diet and change your speaking voice.

Your dentist in North Lakeland, FL offers tooth replacement options, including modern dentures, partials, and implant-supported dentures to restore your smile.

About Modern Dentures at Quality Dental Care of Lakeland

Dentures have been around for centuries and have evolved from boxy and unflattering to modern and attractive. It’s true! We offer quality modern dentures that look like natural teeth. And we always color and design your prosthetic to flatter your face. Our patients have been very pleased with their new smiles.

To get started, we evaluate your oral health to make sure dentures will work for your needs. If your dentist gives the go-ahead, we take careful impressions and use the results to craft your new denture and a waxy try on that will show you how your new smile will look.

 Your dentist makes all final adjustments, and you are free to enjoy your meals again and smile without feeling self-conscious.

Implant-Supported Dentures in Lakeland, FL

As your jawbone shrinks away—common when teeth are missing—your denture will eventually lose its snug fit. This leaves you vulnerable to slippage and can mean relines and adhesives for support.

Implant-supported dentures are a long-term solution. This method means your dentist implants artificial tooth roots—four to six—to stimulate your jaw against shrinkage and to anchor your new prosthetic.

Caring for Your Denture

Removable full and partial dentures can be soaked overnight in a denture bath. You can also add cleaning tablets.

We also recommend a denture paste for cleaning your prosthetic because toothpaste can be too gritty for your appliance and may cause damage.

For Affordable Dentures in Lakeland, FL, Contact Us

Modern dentures improve your smile and your oral health. Reach out to a team member today to get started.

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